Mobile Category Management Policy


Baseline Agency Usage for Devices and Services

The Federal Government cannot efficiently and effectively buy mobile services if it does not have visibility into what it buys today or know what it really needs to help deliver agency missions. Too often, agencies buy excessive levels of service, such as unlimited data and minute plans, when a lesser amount of data or number of minutes pooled across many thousands of users would meet the demands of the agency without risk of overage charges. In many cases, agencies do not have documented procedures to assess device usage relative to service plan rates, and have limited ability to determine if the device should be cancelled or moved to a more cost effective service plan.

Covered agencies must report all mobile service usage and pricing data to the Integrated Data Collection (IDC), due May 31, 2016 and each quarter thereafter. OMB will then post all usage and pricing data to the Acquisition Gateway9 for use by other Federal Government agencies during the market research phase of any wireless contract acquisition. The reports must, at a minimum, identify the purchased service, including quantity of minutes, data, number of text messages, and the actual utilization of this service.

If a covered agency’s existing contracts do not provide for usage reports, covered agencies shall modify these agreements to receive this information at least quarterly, but no less than semi-annually. Specific instructions for data submission will be initially posted in MAX at this URL: (Note that MAX is an internal community for Federal users, and is not intended for public access).