Mobile Category Management Policy

Broker Model

Creating a Broker Model to Act as a Single Buyer

Today, GSA serves as the executive agent for the government-wide acquisition solution and connects agencies to the wireless service providers. As such, GSA creates separate awards for similar or identical levels of service for multiple agencies. Additional cost savings can be achieved if GSA acts as a single buyer, or broker, on behalf of all the agencies and establishes a single pool of minutes and data for all contract holders. Under this model, all agencies would receive the benefit of cost savings as additional agencies use the existing agreement. This model encourages early adoption because all agencies, regardless of their adoption date, receive the same prices and benefits of acting as a single buyer. To evaluate the feasibility of this model, the MSCT shall create a program for small civilian agencies. Within 120 days, the MSCT shall provide a project plan and associated implementation plan to OMB, and within one year, report the results of the program, including an assessment of expanding the program government-wide.