Mobile Category Management Policy

Optimize Agency Requirements

Optimize Agency Requirements

Without an enterprise-wide inventory that includes each device and associated service limits and rates, as well as documented procedures to assess device usage relative to service rate plans, agencies have a limited ability to monitor device usage and determine if devices should be canceled or moved to a more cost-effective service plan. Further, without a reliable inventory of mobile service contracts, agencies are less likely to identify opportunities for consolidation, and thus are less likely to achieve cost savings. Covered agencies should leverage their enterprise-wide mobile inventories and usage reports on a quarterly basis to:

  • examine the fragmentation of their mobile contract inventories and consolidate their requirements;
  • optimize the level of service acquired by analyzing over- and under-usage, cost per minute and text, cost per user, cost per megabyte, and prices paid;
  • identify unused devices and services;10 and
  • terminate unused devices and services no later than May 31, 2016, and each quarter thereafter, as necessary.

Specific instructions for data submission will be initially posted in MAX at this URL: (Note that MAX is an internal community for Federal users, and is not intended for public access).


  • 10 Agencies should evaluate both voice and data usage to determine if service should be terminated. Devices used infrequently for mission critical requirements, such as law enforcement, intelligence, or emergency needs, are exempted from this memorandum, as are devices used to maintain a small inventory to manage the routine needs of device replacement due to loss or damage and the regular turnover of staff.